Why Choose Us?

Are you worried about being overweight and looking to improve your health and increase your self-esteem by losing the excess weight? Do you have a medical issue which requires a surgeon’s consultation and expertise? Dr. Naif Alenazi offers the right treatment for your health concerns and is committed to your wellness.

Extreme care and caution is exercised to suit your needs and provide custom-made services to every individual. Dr. Naif Alenazi treats every patient as a unique individual and ensures his patients are satisfied by offering the best possible outcomes for their particular situation.

Dr. Naif Alenazi

Dr. Naif Alenazi believes that better patient education is the key to the best outcomes. Individual patients are educated about the associated benefits and risks of each surgical procedure, and will be suggested the best procedure that suits that individual. Most importantly, Dr. Naif Alenazi takes the time to listen to each patient’s history, concerns and hopes and takes his time to answer questions and offer support both to the patient and their family.

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